Taxpayer Assistance ‒ Federal, State & Local

Have you received a notice of tax lien, bank levy or wage garnishment from the IRS?

If so, call us at 601-812-5104 and let us be your advocate to get the lien, levy or garnishment lifted as soon as possible. We understand talking with the IRS can be difficult if you don’t deal with taxes daily like we do, so let us handle your tax problems and relieve your stress immediately.

About Our Taxpayer Assistance Practice

Let’s face it, truly understanding your duties as a tax-paying citizen of the United States is no simple task. Even the most well-intentioned among us occasionally runs into problems with the IRS or other local governmental tax agencies. How you handle these problems can have a direct impact on your financial and emotional well-being. Solving your tax problems cannot be accomplished without first understanding the other financial problems you may be facing. At The Lynch Law Firm, we make it our priority to understand the unique situation surrounding your tax problems and help you put together a plan to find a solution.

Some of the services we offer include:

Don’t Put Off Dealing With Your Tax Problems

The IRS does not ignore your tax liabilities and neither should you. The sooner you address your tax problems, the better the outcome is likely to be. Every day you delay can mean additional penalties and interest being assessed against you or your business. An experienced tax professional can work with the IRS to help reduce the taxes you owe and even eliminate the penalties assessed against you.

Also Receive Help With the Mississippi Department of Revenue

What few taxpayers realize is that many tax agencies like the IRS share information with other tax agencies when they find an offending taxpayer. In addition to assisting you with problems you may have with the IRS, we can also help you work with the Mississippi Department of Revenue. As a tax law firm practicing in Mississippi, we have a deep understanding of the local tax laws and can work on your behalf to help alleviate your tax burden with the State of Mississippi, as well as the IRS.