Audit Defense

An IRS audit is an examination of a taxpayer’s tax returns for the purpose of confirming accuracy and validity.  An IRS audit is usually the result of irregularities on a taxpayer’s return, but returns can also be randomly selected for an audit.  Traditionally, audits occur through “field audits,” in which the IRS appears at a taxpayer’s business or residence to verify a taxpayer’s returns; “correspondene audits,” in which the IRS examines a taxpayer’s documents and notifies the taxpayer via mail of any discrepancy; and “office audits,” in which the IRS interviews the taxpayer regarding his or her tax documents at the local IRS office.

An IRS audit can be very intimidating if you do not have anyone by your side.  It is important to remember that the IRS conducts audits on a regular basis, and audits are what auditors do for a living.  Therefore, if you are facing an audit, you will almost always be at an automatic disadvantage simply because of the advanced knowledge and skill of IRS auditors.

We specialize in solving our clients’ IRS problems, and therefore you do not have to face the IRS alone.  We are here to help you level the playing field, and protecting our clients’ best interests is what we do for a living.  Contact us at 601-321-1991 to discuss your case and begin preparing your defense!