Audit Reconsideration

It is possible to dispute the results of an assessment made due to an audit of a taxpayer’s return or a substitute return filed by the IRS on behalf of the taxpayer.  An audit reconsideration request is one way to do so.  An audit reconsideration is a process whereby the Collection Division of the IRS can send a taxpayer’s case back to the Examination Division for review.  Audit reconsideration requests are generally accepted by the IRS if they include new information which was not considered in the audit, if a return was filed by the taxpayer after the IRS completed a substitute return, or if the IRS made an error in assessing the tax.

Audit reconsideraion is completely at the IRS’s discretion, however, and a satisfactory audit reconsideration request must include legal arguments and supporting evidence in order to convince the IRS that an audit reconsideration is appropriate.  Also at the IRS’s discretion is the ability to delay collection activity while an audit reconsideration request is being reviewed.

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