Offer in Compromise

The IRS has the ability to settle federal tax liabilities for less than the full amount due, through an Offer in Compromise.  Commonly, through an offer in compromise, tax problems are settled for pennies on the dollar.  In order to qualify for this type of tax relief, a taxpayer must establish that he cannot pay the tax liability; he doesn’t owe the tax liability; or that the offer in compromise would be the most effective way of resolving the tax issue due to extreme economic hardships or circumstances.  The offer in compromise program is designed to allow taxpayers with large amounts of past-due taxes to settle with the IRS for a reasonable amount and move forward with their financial lives with a clean slate so that they have the chance to remain current on taxes in the future.

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OR use the IRS Offer In Compromise Pre-Qualifier to see if you may be eligible…. OIC Pre-Qualifier